Finding The Right General Practice Attorney

Finding The Right General Practice Attorney

If you are thinking about taking legal action, finding the right attorney is perhaps the biggest task for you. So, how do you find a excellent general practice attorney? This article will guide you on exactly that.

Word of Mouth Recommendation From Friends And Family

The chances are that someone you know or live with has used a general lawyer before, or they know someone who has. So, ask your friends and family members who they used and inquire about their experiences. Ask for the details about why they did or did not like the service the lawyer offered. Find out if the attorney responded to calls and emails in a timely fashion and whether the case was completed in a reasonable time. Was the person informed about the progress or the status of their case? Were the charges fair and was the bill detailed enough to know what exactly was done on the case? These pointers will help decide whether the recommended lawyer is ideal for your case.


Another way to find a good general practice lawyer is by attending court proceedings in your area. In most cases, court proceedings are open to the public, and so, it won’t be hard to locate a hearing that you can attend. Just remember to be quiet and respectful and do not bring in foodstuffs into the courtroom. Also, turn off your cell phone and try not to bring your children along.
Once you locate a hearing to attend, what do you really look for? Well, the real life proceedings might not be exciting as you would expect, but you will get a chance to gather information about an attorney by watching them in action. Does the lawyer conduct him or herself in a professional manner? Keep in mind that the attorney will be representing you and your interests and so, going for a courteous and professional lawyer will increase your chances of winning your case. Is the attorney prepared? Every attorney has a different method of conducting the proceedings, but take note whether he or she has organized documents and generally has a plan. Pay close attention to the style of the lawyer and see whether it’s compatible with your desires and personality as well. Watch long enough to assess the behavior of the lawyer fully and move on to another hearing. If you come across a potential attorney, ask for his or her contact information and call them later.

The Internet

If you don’t want to go from one hearing to another, the internet offers a less tedious alternative. You can search for general practice attorneys located in your area. Just remember to go through reviews to see if they have a reputable record and whether they will work for you.
Once you have found potential candidates, preferably three or more, the next step is to interview them until you find the ideal one for your case. You may only have half an hour for an initial consultation, and so, it is advisable to go prepared. Jot down any questions you would like to ask and bring them with you to the consultation. Don’t be afraid to ask anything regarding their profession and your case. Inquire about their experience, preferably the in cases similar to yours, as well as their qualifications. Do not forget to ask about the legal fees as general practice lawyers operate at different rates.

With these pointers, finding a general practice attorney should not be a daunting task. Put them into practice and you will find a lawyer who will work hard to bring the favors on your side.

Types of Lawyers

Types of Lawyers

There are depending on their area of specialization. Even though the bar exam covers all the aspects of law, no single lawyer can manage to handle all the nuances and subtleties in every area of law.

Law spreads too far and too deep for a single lawyer to handle all the areas. Lawyers have to choose a single area of expertise. A lawyer is free to choose any type of law that he or she is passionate about and one that inspires his or her wholehearted commitment.

Criminal lawyer

These type of lawyer represents clients who are charged with criminal charges in a court of law. Criminal defense lawyers try to prove that their client is not guilty.

Accident and personal injury lawyers

This type of lawyers helps you get compensation related to personal injuries especially if it the injury is not your fault but due to the negligence. They will also help relieve you any legal complications pertaining to personal injury charges.

Most of the cases they handle include medical errors, violation of rights, construction site accidents, work related injuries, and motor accidents.

Immigration lawyer

Immigration lawyers help foreigners immigrate to a country. They also help foreigners who have entered a country already and want to stay. This type of lawyer is the one who will help married couples stay together in a country legally if they are from different countries.

Business lawyer

The role of the business lawyer is to represent businesses in the court of law. They may defend an organization when it is accused of any wrongdoing by employees or any other party. A business lawyer can also advise their client on policy so that the client can avoid any legal troubles.

Business lawyers can also help you incorporate and organize, merge /amalgamate and dissolve your business. They can help you in preparing and dealing with business documents such as partnership agreement, shareholder agreement, franchise agreement, joint venture agreement, employment agreements, construction contracts, regulatory compliance, business acquisitions and commercial leases.

Divorce lawyer

This type of lawyer deals with any divorce related issues. They deal with matters like prenuptial agreements, spousal support, and custody. Divorce lawyers are not bad people as some people may think.

Their work is to help couples get along after a divorce and try to find a solution that is best for everyone. Divorce lawyers will help you save legal costs by helping the parties involved come up with an agreement to a settlement to prevent the case from going to court.

Entertainment lawyer

This lawyer deals with issues regarding entertainment just as their name implies. The lawyer deals with anything related to copyright law, privacy issues and libel. If you have seen any lawyer representing celebrities involving issues like phone hacking scandal that is an entertainment lawyer.

Art lawyer

The work of art lawyers is to deal with criminal cases and copyright issues revolving around art. They learn about art history and deal with galleries and museums on a regular basis.

Bankruptcy lawyer

Bankruptcy lawyers evaluate a client’s monetary situation in order to help him or her file for bankruptcy.

Malpractice lawyer

This type of lawyer is hired by clients to represent them against negligent charges. They represent professionals such as nurses, physicians, accountants and legal professionals.

Real estate and wills lawyer

A real estate lawyer is the one you need to consult when you need to write a will. The lawyer will help you throughout the estate planning process and ensure that the process is hassle free. Real estate and wills lawyers help the right people receive all their assets without losing even the slightest piece of land to any other lawless claimant.

Picking The Right General Practice Lawyer

lawThe law continues to evolve, and almost everything in this modern age can lead to a lawsuit. As such, it makes it nearly impossible to live without the help of attorneys. As we go through our everyday lives, some people will suffer injury, and others will commit crimes while others will need to purchase properties. Well, all these are situations where the best outcome is achieved with the help of a lawyer. There’s just too much happening around us, and that explains where general practice lawyers exist. These are the kind of attorneys who are capable of handling both huge and petty legal issues that anyone might have. So, whenever you are seeking for justice, these lawyers can always chip-in.

Well, there might be cases where you require a specialized lawyer in a field like real estate, family law, medical malpractice, personal injury and so on. Some will even hire family attorneys who remain instrumental for numerous years. Family lawyers can deal with the legal issues of families, but not limited to will writing. Others cannot afford to pay for an attorney in the long term and instead create a rapport with the lawyer which results to a long term client-lawyer relationship. This means that the client can consider him or her when the need for their services arises.

Well, if you have not dealt will general practice attorneys before, choosing the right one can be an overwhelming task. There are numerous lawyers in the industry; some value justice while others value money over justice. So, how do you find the ideal lawyer for your case?

First, the lawyer you are considering should be highly regarded for all the right reasons. Some lawyers have a history of winning cases unfairly and so, if your concern is to win a case even when you’re in the wrong, then perhaps they might be ideal for you. However, it is imperative to classify your legal issue before finding an attorney. Your case might be specific, and so, it is best to find a lawyer who specializes in that particular area. That way, you will increase your chances of winning the case.

You will come across numerous general practice attorneys depending on the area they serve. As such, it’s important that you look for one who works in your region as they are likely to know the ins and outs of the law in your state. To avoid wasting time, money and effort, it is important to understand your needs and keep them in mind when finding and selecting a general practice lawyer.

Consider the experience of the attorney. How may years has he or she been in the field? Are they licensed and qualified? What do other people say about him or her? What are their experiences? What is their background? These are some of the factors that you should keep in mind and look into before you settle for a particular lawyer in your region. If they have more complaints registered against them than the number of cases they have won, then you are better off shopping for another one.

Even though general practice attorneys have different strategies and approaches to cases, you should always settle for the best, in regards to your needs. Also, the costs of their services should guide you in the selection process.

Where Can You Get Legal Aid?

People who cannot afford a lawyer need to know that they can always count on community legal clinics and public interest lawyers that provide free legal services or “legal aid”. Although there are many such legal professionals throughout the country, there is still a shortage of lawyers who provide free legal services.
For the most part, this shortage is brought on by the legal aid services themselves. Most of the time, they have a limit on how many clients they take by imposing an income ceiling, and limiting the type of legal services they provide. In other words, the free legal clinics do not provide full legal services.
Most of the time their legal services are limited to the following: immigration status, discrimination, domestic violence, eviction, deprivation of government-provided benefits.

The limit on the legal services provided stems from the combined fear of having too many clients and not having enough resources to properly fund each case.

Although most legal aid services extend legal help to individuals, there are those that provide legal counsel to small non-profit organizations that do not have in-house counsel.

Where do legal aid services get their funding? They usually get it from different sources, including private donors, the federal government, charities, and state governments and local governments.

What specific services do legal aid clinics provide? They usually do not litigate or go to court but are actively involved in counseling, appearing in administrative hearings, and participating in informal negotiations. Sometimes, however, in the case of severe cases of injustice involving a large number of victims can prompt a legal clinic to go ahead with a large-scale impact litigation. Some of these organizations are also known to participate in activities that pushing for legal reform as well as education.

We said before that legal clinics get their funding from different. Well, there are actually those that get theirs exclusively from the LSC or the legal government. However, with strict government regulations that include careful timekeeping and a prohibition on class actions and class action work, many legal aid organizations prefer not to have it, even though the legal needs of low-income people are grossly under-met. It is estimated that even with the combined force of all the legal aid offices in the country combined, only about 20% of the legal needs of people with low income are met.

This problem actually leaves people in the lower middle class who are too rich for legal and too poor for a paid attorney with nothing in the way of legal help.  There have been proposals to require all US lawyers to provide pro bono work, but this has been successfully fought off by many state bar associations.

If you live in no man’s land or belong to the lower middle class, you will need to research hard to find a lawyer who will take on your case for free or for a greatly reduced fee. There are lawyers, however, who offer contingent or conditional fee in cases where there is a large potential for payout and a high chance of winning.

Business Law: The Terms You Need To Know

horizontalNo matter what type of business you are in, knowing the laws that govern the business world is crucial. While the laws are readily available to read, sometimes the terms used in the documents are not so easy to understand. It is crucial, though, to comprehend the laws to keep your business and personal assets protected. The best thing to do as a business owner, though, is to hire a lawyer that can keep you up to date on the laws and use their knowledge to help keep your business in compliance.

As you consider the business laws that pertain to your industry, it can be helpful to know some of the most common business law terms. Read on to learn more.

Lawyer-This is one of the most important terms that you should know when it comes to business law terms. A reputable lawyer can help keep your business safe and in compliance with the law. They can help make sure you have the proper licenses and other items you need to run your company. Basically, a lawyer is a legal professional.

Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Infringement Law-This group of laws protects the intellectual properties of people like artists, musicians, and authors. It protects their works from being stolen. Not only that, but it protects products and services offered by businesses. These laws are there to protect businesses from being infringed upon.

Employment Law-The way a business hires and recruits people to work for them is encompassed in this group of laws. It protects potential employees from being discriminated against due to their race or religion, sex, age, or national origin. It also ensures that fair wages are paid, along with overtime page, fair working hours, and the right to be a part of a union.

Tax Law-This is a group of laws that governs the taxes paid. Unless you or someone in your business has a thorough understanding of the tax system, it is a good idea to hire a tax attorney or an accountant.

Property Law-These laws encompass the physical property of the business. It includes the owning, leasing, or renting of property.

Business Ethics-Rules and customs that govern the fair and legal practices concerning how companies conduct business.

Intent-A behavior that has the probability of causing consequences or having the desire to cause certain consequences.

Negligence-Failing to use reasonable care and subsequently causing harm.

Recklessness-Having conscious disregard of a known risk of their behavior.

Strict Liability-Actions that cause harm without fault

In conclusion, these business law terms are only a few of the many that you may hear while dealing with the running of a small or large business. If you are not familiar with these terms, take time to learn them, or possibly consider placing a business lawyer on retainer as they can help make sure your business is legal and fair. Having knowledge of the business laws that pertain to your business are crucial to keeping yourself and your assets safe.

Attorney Referral Service: What Are The Benefits?


Legal aid is needed for a multitude of situations. When you find yourself in need of assistance in this area, it can be quite helpful to use an attorney referral service to help you. There are many benefits to utilizing this service. When you find yourself looking for legal representation, consider these benefits of using a lawyer referral service.

First of all, it can be helpful to know exactly what an attorney referral service is. Basically, it is a service that refers potential clients to the legal representation that they desire. When you don’t have a specific lawyer in mind that you want to talk with, calling this type of referral service is a good start. The representative will talk with you and then do their best to match you with the lawyer they think best fits your needs. Once you are matched, you can either set up an initial meeting with the attorney or you may be able to speak with them over the phone.

Now that you have an idea of how a referral service can help you, here are the benefits. When you use them, it is an easy way to find the best lawyer for your needs. This means you don’t have to spend time searching, asking, and contemplating which attorney you want to use. Also, since the service has the knowledge and experience to match you with the best possible option, you are less likely to waste your time with what may be a great lawyer, but one that may not be the best for your case. Another benefit of using an attorney referral service is that you know that the lawyer you are matched up meets certain expectations. Referral services have high standards and will only match you with those who are the best of the best. Just because someone has a law degree, it does not make them a good lawyer. Referral services know this and that’s why they want to share information with you from only the best attorneys.

As you can see, choosing to use an attorney referral service offers many benefits. They can help you find the best lawyer for your specific situation and not only that, but the lawyer the service matches you with is assured to reach certain high standards set by the service. If you find yourself in need of an attorney, don’t hesitate to contact a referral service.

Tips on Seeking Online Legal Advice

online legal advice

Lawyers can be expensive; they often charge high that ordinary people couldn’t afford to get their services. One way to get the help that you need is by seeking legal advice online. Oftentimes you can get free tips from legal websites that can guide you in making smarter decisions about events or situations in your life. However, it is important to be careful about where you get your advice since not every resource can be trusted.

Additionally, it is important to remember that most of the legal advice that you read online is designed to be used at your own risk. The companies that publish these websites most likely have disclaimers stating that they are not responsible for how you use the information and that they are not providing legal advice. They include these disclaimers so they don’t get sued if anything goes wrong.


Do Your Research 

Anytime you’re dealing with a legal situation that may impact your future, it is important to carefully research any website that you plan to use to help you understand your legal standing. Make sure to only use websites that have a good reputation. You can often find reviews from other people to help you determine which legal websites are the best.


Go with Online Lawyers

While free advice is great, you may also want to consider going with a paid service. Online lawyers are usually much cheaper than those that you meet with in person, but the former cans till provide sound legal advice. Most importantly, because you’re paying them, there’s a better chance of getting accurate information than if you are just reading it off of a website.


When in Doubt, Hire a Lawyer

If you’re dealing with a serious situation that could dramatically impact your future, it is probably a better option to hire a lawyer instead of just seeking legal advice online. After all, the last thing you want is to wind up facing time in prison or suffering other serious consequences just because you didn’t hire a lawyer.

If you’re being charged with a crime and can’t afford a lawyer, you may qualify for a public defender. You can contact the courthouse in your area to find out whether or not you qualify and the steps you need to take to get a lawyer assigned to your case.

Looking for free legal advice online can be a good way to get a basic understanding of any legal issues you may be facing. As long as you use common sense and stick with trusted sources, you may be able to learn more about your situation and find a way out of it.

Different Laws in Each State Concerning Divorce Property Settlement


Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life, especially when it involves the children and splitting up assets. But for the purposes of this article we are going to discuss property settlement.

As you are probably aware by now, most of the properties acquired after marriage become shared properties, and the divorce court will settle that issue. Anything acquired by the husband prior to the marriage can be considered exclusively his, same goes with the properties acquired by the wife.


Community Property vs. Equitable Distribution

Depending on what state you live will determine how property is spilt up upon divorce. There are two main systems for splitting up marital property: community property and equitable distribution. There are states that use equitable property distribution, but since most of the larger states use community property, most of the population falls under this category.

States that have community property allow for marital property to be divided evenly.  In states with equitable distribution, the spouse who earns the most keeps the larger share; a stay-at-home parent, in this case, would get much less than the earning spouse. In order to learn more about what you are entitled to in this situation if you are the lower earning spouse, speak with a divorce lawyer to better understand your rights in that state.


Debts, Taxes, Benefits and Inheritance

Among other issues that need to be settled are debts. In some cases, there are debts that belong to only one person, and because of that, the court may decide that the debts be handled or settled only by that person.  Most often, however, in typical household expenses and debt, the courts will divide that evenly. State debts that were acquired by one spouse but benefited the marriage as whole, such as student loan, the debt may be split between the two. You need to check with state laws to determine how that works.


You have the situation with taxes and how it affects each other in a divorce settlement. There are also retirement funds to be split up as well as other estate planning tools. One spouse may need to be compensated if he doesn’t have any retirement benefits listed in his name. These will all be decided by the court under the laws of that particular state. Inheritance is looked at in a different way and normally, it is not part of the divorce settlement. This is property that is exempt and will not be divided between spouses.


Prenuptial Agreement

Martial property is a big issue and for this reason, parties prefer having a prenuptial agreement. This is usually the case when one spouse has a lot of assets before marriage and wants to hold onto them should there be a separation or divorce in the future.


Properties Acquired During Marriage

Property acquired during marriage is subject to state laws during divorce and will be left up to the judge to determine how much equity there is. Usually it is best to work out agreement outside the courts to divide the property and not leave it up to a judge to decide.  In many cases, it is advised that the spouses amicably agree on how to split the properties to avoid hassles.

There is a lot to understand when it comes to divorce settlement, and it is always best if two parties can work out most of the details without involving the courts. This is especially true if children are involved and also if there are many assets acquired during the course of the marriage.

Hopefully, everything works out for the best, but in divorce cases stress cannot really be avoided. Just try to get through it as quickly as possible.

Legal Rights and Compensation You’re Entitled to After a Car Accident

Car accident

Entitlements to a car accident are tough to impart without knowing the details and the state you’re in. Every state has different laws on automobile accidents.

Few things universal among states on car accidents:

1. File Your Claim within a Year or Two from the Accident

There are limitations to time intervals after the accident. You might need to pay:

  • Hospital bills.
  • Repairs on your car.

Whatever the reason, file your claim as soon as possible.

2. The Other Person is at Fault

You’re only entitled to compensation from the other person’s insurance if he was at fault. This does not mean you won’t get money to pay bills, and repairs if it wasn’t your fault. It does mean your insurance company will have to pay for them. Ponder:

  • This could raise your rates.
  • You may take out a law suit against the person you had a wreck with.

Again, you’ll only be able to do this if the other party was at fault.

3. Compensation may be just Enough to Cover Damages

Compensation will most likely be just enough to cover the damage done to your vehicle, and other accident-related bills.

4. Verify Lawyer Reviews Before Hiring

Of course, this will depend on the lawyer you hire. Some are good at getting pain and suffering money from automobile accidents. Verify lawyer reviews before hiring.

5. Lawyer Fees May Exceed Your Claim

It’s possible:

  • Lawyer fees will be more than you’ll be rewarded.
  • A lawyer won’t take your case if there’s no profit in it.

Be sure you discuss these with your lawyer before proceeding.

6. Be Cautious of Lawyers Who Offer Free Consultation

  • He isn’t doing well in his career.
  • He hasn’t won most cases.

7.  Busy Lawyers are the Only Ones Worth Hiring

A lawyer confident to charge you for a conversation will be confident in court.

We hope this advice is helpful. Remember, most laws on automobile accidents differ greatly from state to state. Whether the fault was yours or the other person’s, and you both have insurance, you’re entitled to something. More research should be done if you want to know your entitlements in your area.


Learn the Difference Between Business and Corporate Law


Corporate law (company or corporation law) is the study of how law interacts with various business entities, such as employees, creditors and consumers. Part of a broader statement called company law (business associations); this may include partnerships and trusts, which are limited by guarantees.

Business law on the other hand, refers to a scope of laws that govern taxes, employment, contracts and commercial transactions. All areas covered by business law have a strong impact on companies and their respective industries.

Forming a Business

To form and run a company requires money and time investments. Any business owner or company executive would be wise to seek corporate lawyer’s advice to help them navigate potential legal issues.

A business attorney can greatly influence the way a corporation or business conducts its day-to-day operations. Engage a corporate or business law firm for a wide range of legal issues, which can be delegated to them. The law firm can help a company deal with such issues as:

  1. Acquisitions
  2. Dealing with the IRS
  3. Investment advice
  4. Acquiring new companies
  5. Merging with other companies
  6. Labour laws
  7. Negotiating important contracts
  8. Arguing a case in a courtroom, when necessary.

Types of Business Entities

A business can be structured in multiple ways. For a new company, consult a corporate attorney to help you:

  • Navigate potential legal pitfalls.
  • Save costly mistakes that could affect your bottom line.

Conversely, if a well-established company seeks restructuring, a business or corporate attorney can offer advice and help the CEO/CFO make an informed decision.

Types of Legal Entities

Sole Proprietorship:

The simplest among entities, it allows a person to conduct business in his own persona. The company and individual are viewed legally as one and the same. While certainly the quickest way to begin business, little legal protection is offered and the sole proprietor could be at risk with costly legal actions.


Like with sole proprietors, partnership does not offer in-depth legal protection, but does establish that the business is owned by more than one person. There are two distinct types of partnerships:

  • General
  • Limited

To distinguish these partnership intricacies is beyond the scope of this document. A business or corporate attorney can help individuals make the correct choice.

CAUTION: Realize that a partnership, unlike a corporation discussed below, does not protect individual partners from liability.


While it is fairly easy to form a corporation without legal advice, it is not recommended, since corporate structuring can be quite complex. A corporation establishes a separate business entity providing legal protection for principal shareholders. Basically, there are two types of corporation, each presenting unique opportunities and restrictions. They are:

  • C – corporations
  • S – corporations

The differences between these two are beyond the scope of this document, and vary from state to state. Details should be discussed with a qualified business or corporate law firm.

Limited Liability Company:

A limited liability company offers legal protection. However tax returns are filed differently. With an LLC, the owner:

  • Can report gains and losses on their personal income tax returns.
  • Need not file for separate company tax documents.

While owners are protected from liability, LLCs are not available nationwide. To know their availability in your locale, discuss with a qualified attorney, or search from the Internet.

Choose to move forward with an attorney. This will save you time and money from costly mistakes down the road.